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to Poklonnaya Gora

to Pushkin Museum

to the skating Center

Mospromstroy has been a leader on the Moscow construction market for the last 45 years, in which time the Company has built and renovated a huge variety of structures and facilities, and commissioned millions of square meters of new living space. Mospromstroy now holds a third of the construction market in the Russian capital.

Year 1937

Mospromstroy was created by order of the Moscow City Council for the purpose of dismantling and relocating 20 buildings, including City Hall, as part of a plan to straighten Gorky Street (the main street in Moscow, now again called by its original name — Tverskaya Street).

Year 2005

Mospromstroy used guying technology to secure the 240-tonne roof dome of the Skating Center, which the Company built in the Moscow district of Krylatskoye.

Indoor skating Center in Krylatskoye

Pushkin Museum

Christ the Saviour Cathedral

The House of Government

Moscow State University’s
main building

Ostankino Tower and TV-center


Leningradskaya Hotel
restoration and technical renovation

World Trade Center

Royal Avrora

Big Sports Arena in Luzhniki
restoration and technical renovation

Memorial Complex
at Poklonnaya Gora